What is a "Rebozo"?

If you are not from Mexico or Latin America it is unlikely that you have heard about the "Rebozo", but hey! we are here to explain and show you this beautiful clothing.

Surely, sometime in your life you have heard of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, well, if you live in a hole and you never heard about her, this is she:

Can you see what is on her shoulders? Yes! That is a Rebozo, a timeless and traditional piece in the wardrobe of every Mexican woman, its origin and use are uncertain, but it is known that the indigenous people of the region used it before the Spanish conquest.

In those times, the main use of this garment was for women to cover their faces and bodies to enter the churches. Nowadays times have changed and the Rebozo uses are varied, from wearing it as a blouse or dress, for decoration or even for carrying a baby!

There are as many types of Rebozos as indigenous communities in Mexico, all have a special touch of the artisans that is transferred from generation to generation. In Pedacito de Corazón we want you to know the types, the fabrics and the elaboration that this garment entails, for that, with your purchase you collaborate with this tradition and help the artisans to continue producing these beautiful pieces of art.

See you in the next post!


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