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In this section we collect the publications, articles and programs that have spread the word of the work we made (which we are so proud of - thank you! -).

We hope that little by little clients and general public will support and disseminate the valuable work that Mexican artisans do so that we can make it more and more visible everyday.

We invite you to visit the publications, read them and share them to get to know us better and at the same time support various initiatives.

Regalier Magazine

It is a quarterly digital magazine that offers the best in fashion, lifestyle and more. In its fourth edition entitled "Love is in the Air" we appear in the gift guide for women for Valentine's Day, among some other very good recommendations!

See the mention in this link (page 36).

magazine article velntines day gifts for her

Sustain the Mag

SUSTAIN is a digital platform that focuses on consumers or as they call themselves, “environmentally conscious warriors”, who cultivate a healthy lifestyle that respects the planet. Patricia Chourio (social entrepreneur and founder of The World’s Corner) wrote a super interesting article where she recommends 5 brands of sustainable facemasks, (we are among those brands!)

Read the full article at this link.

Sustain the Mag Sustainable mask brands you should support


Estampas de México

@estampasdmexico is an Instagram account that brings together the best of Mexico through its crafts, culture and people.

Look at the mention they made of Pedacito de Corazón in this post!

instagram post featuring a beautiful girl wearing a green shawl over a brown dress

Marion DeLonge

It is a sustainable brand that sells handcrafted footwear made in Mexico, of high quality and with a tradition of more than 500 years (has anyone heard of the huaraches?).

In an article on her blog, she recommended us 9 brands for handmade Christmas gifts (including us!).

Read the full post here.



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