About us


Our reason to exist is the desire to improve the conditions in different sectors in Mexico, starting by education, followed by health and a fair remuneration.

 Part of your purchase will be used to support the maintenance of rural schools as well as to improve the basic conditions of  hospitals situated in this rural areas.

 The PD Corazon team assures you that the artisans will be fair remunerated for their work and we will make sure that their facilities develop even further, helping artisans to have better job conditions. 

 We invite you to visit our catalogue to choose the Pedacito de Corazon articles you like the most, knowing that you are helping to improve the conditions of vulnerable communities in Mexico.

To learn more about our work with the mexican communities please follow us in our social networks! And for any query or comment you can contact us on: pdcorazonde@gmail.com we will be glad to hear from you.


De CORAZON thank you for your contribution.


Your Pedacito de Corazon Team