Face masks with a cause

At Pedacito de Corazón we want to support our Mexican artisans during the economic crisis they are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Although in Mexico the new normality is beginning (despite the fact that Covid-19 infections are increasing every day), the artisans' guild has been terribly affected, since they are people who generally live on daily basis and many of them depend on tourism, markets that have been closed for days and artisan fairs that have been canceled, leaving artisans without a livelihood.

Their necessity is so great that recently, various indigenous ethnic groups decided to leave isolation and reactivate the lost practice of bartering, offering their crafts for food and groceries. Just to give you an example, artisans who sell their products in the Teotihuacan Archaeological Site (one of the most visited in the country) calculate that their sales has been affected by more than 90%.

It is for this reason that we decided to support the initiative of various artisan women from the Mazahua and Tenango de Doria communites but also of the artisans from the region of Michoacán, who have been in solitary confinement for the entire contingency and who have decided to get down to work to capture, in today's much-needed fase masks, a piece of their art in a form of Mexican traditional textiles and designs.

All the face masks are made with cotton, are reusable and were made with the necessary hygiene and safety measures. 

Face masks with Tenango de Doria embroidery

Mazahuas embroidered face mask

Face masks with textiles from the region of Michoacán

It is time to join forces and support each other! If you want additional information and are interested in acquiring a facemask, write to us at pdcorazonde@gmail.com - de corazón, gracias [from our heart, thank you]!

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  • Hermosas mascarillas. Tratare de ver como colaborar c el proyecto.

    maria fabiana gonzalez

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