Mexican artisans need our help!

Can you imagine what it's like not to know if you can eat tomorrow?

Inequality, political corruption, exaggerated consumption habits and social apathy have made Mexico one of the countries with the highest economic inequality, almost half of the population lives in conditions of poverty and there is 1% of Mexicans who accumulate about 50% of the country's resources.

Under these conditions, 30 million people in Mexico depend on the informal economy. These people, including merchants, waiters, couriers, and artisans, cannot afford to quarantine and therefore need our help.

At Pedacito de Corazón we are committed to help our artisans, because without them we would not be able to offer you the products of great quality and design that they make with so much love. Thanks to the talent and creativity of our artisans, Mexican culture and traditions are preserved.

Mexican artisan holding an embroidery blouse

For this reason, this time we want to collaborate with the Change is Wild association and donate a percentage of our sales to help the families of artisan women from Yucatan, Mexico who have lost their jobs and do not have the necessary resources to survive the quarantine, due to the forced confinement and the lack of tourism in their region.

Together we will make a difference. Thanks for your support.

If you want more information about Change is Wild and donate directly, click here.

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